Eating and Drinking

As the Swabian Capital, Stuttgart offers a variety of food and drinks. You can find traditional dishes such as Maultaschen or Spätzle, but also a multitude of international cuisines. Especially for you, we have decided to list our favourite pubs, breweries, restaurants, and bars in Stuttgart.

Pubs and Breweries

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The Auld Rogue Irish Pub
One of our favourites is the Auld Rogue, a family-run bar that serves typical Irish pub food, Irish beers, whiskeys and other drinks. Enjoy the traditional decor, the fantastic food, and the wide array of Irish and continental drinks in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Another plus, the staff speaks English!

Biddy Early’s Irish Pub
Experience Ireland by visiting Biddy Early’s Irish Pub known for its vibrant and friendly atmosphere. Enjoy the selection of different beers, spirits, cocktails, and wines or order a delicious toastie with potato crisps additionally.

Sophie’s Brauhaus
This brewery is located in the heart of Stuttgart, close to the S-Bahn stop Stadtmitte. Sophie’s Brauhaus has various cozy areas with rustic decor and an exceptional flair. There are around 250 tables and 30 counter seats where you are served freshly brewed beer and delicious traditional cuisines. Watch the brewmaster at work in the middle of the brewerie while enjoying delicious salads, Bavarian delicacies, and in addition, Sophie’s beer.

Carls Brauhaus
The Carls Brauhaus is located in the heart of Stuttgart, directly at the Schlossplatz. The unique flair of this brewery invites you to taste the freshly tapped beer and some delicious luncheons.
In addition to classical beers, there are also unusual beer mixed drinks such as the Dudler (Beer & Almdudler) or the Goiß (beer, cola and cherry liquor). In the summer, the outdoor area invites you to relax with a view of the Schlossplatz.


Hans im Glück
This charming burger restaurant serves you burgers of the best quality, here you can get everything you ever wanted from a real burger. Enjoy their delicious burgers, salads, fries, desserts, and drinks. The Hans im Glück can be found near the Milaneo and in the Gerberviertel.

Pier 51
This exquisite harbour restaurant with a exciting ambience: brick walls, steel beams, dim lights, and the charms of an old pier warehouse serves you the best prime meats in town and features fresh seafood and lobster. Or enjoy the evening at their bar with smooth jazz tunes, this restaurant is at close walking distance from the International School, but is quite pricey.

This all you can eat restaurant features delicious sushi, Japanese specialities, and various Asian foods. Whether you sit down and enjoy the conveyer belt sushi and other exotic dishes, or take the dishes with you, this restaurant is bound to delight. Sakura is situated in the Kleine Königsstrasse, around 10 minutes walking distance from the Schloßplatz.

Alte Kanzlei
Located in the heart of Stuttgart, between the Rathausplatz and the Schloßplatz, the Alte Kanzlei serves homemade, Swabian, and international dishes. The menu also features salads, soups, snacks, and seafood dishes, in addition to the classical Swabian cuisines.

Enjoy pasta, pizzas, antipasti and salads prepared directly from the chefs at the individual stations in the middle of Vapiano. Create your favorite Italian dish, and have it individually refined. Enjoy this inexpensive culinary experience at Vapiano Stuttgart, located near the center of Schloßplatz.

Block House
Eat some delicious steak, located near the center of Stuttgart, Blockhouse offers a large selection of food and drinks. We recommend you try the pork tenderloin with Spätzle, or try the wide array of Best Argentinian Angus beef, and other house featured specialties.

A bar and restaurant with Mexican and Californian influences, the Sausalitos offers a mixture of both dining and bar with selected Mexican cuisine and drinks.

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