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MUNISS is a fantastic way to immerse your school in a MUN experience, offering both leadership and participation roles for your students to take on, as chairs and delegates respectively.

Availability: Schools represented by their MUN Director

First, register your school through the school registration form linked below, as well as in the invitation select schools received.

Then, once we reviewed your application and accept your school, you will be emailed further instructions as to how you can transfer details on the students and directors that will be joining MUNISS from your school. This includes the form that students will use to sign up to their delegate or chair positions, as well as the form that you, as the directors, will use to register yourselves.


Delegates are the core role of every MUN conference. They debate, draft resolutions and represent their country in the topics that the committee discusses.

Availability: ISS Applicants

Cost: 75€

Chair – StOff

The chair moderates discussions and ensures adherence to rules, fostering productive diplomatic debates among delegates from various countries. They play a crucial role in facilitating the resolution of global issues.

Availability: ISS Applicants & Individual External Applicants (students joining MUNISS individually, not together with their school)

Cost: 55€


The press team is responsible for documenting and reporting on the discussions, bringing to life the dynamics of global diplomacy. Their insights and coverage provide an invaluable dimension to our conference, offering a deeper understanding of the international issues being addressed.

Availability: Only ISS Applicants

Cost: 55


For newcomers, it’s a fantastic way to dive into the world of MUN. The work required is less taxing because an admin will not participate in debates or draft resolutions. The main role of an admin is to pass notes between delegates, assist chairs, and block exits for voting procedures.

Availability: Only ISS Applicants

Cost: 55€


Our supervisors play a vital role in our MUN conference. They handle logistics and provide essential on-site supervision. If you want a dynamic role that involves preparation and event support, consider joining us as a supervisor!

Availability: Only ISS Applicants

Cost: 38€

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