The Executives

Raphael Gottlieb

Secretary General

Hi, I am Raphael Gottlieb this year’s Secretary General for MUNISS. In the past, I have attended 3+ MUN conferences, and I have really enjoyed meeting new people through those conferences. I wanted for everyone to be able to experience this as-well, and get to learn the important skills of debating, which is why I decided to organize MUNISS this year. Hope to see you there!

Enno Mahr

Deputy Secretary General

Hey, I’m Enno, 16 years old and in 10th grade. I’ll serve as your deputy SG this year. This’ll be my 7th MUN Conference, and I look forward to making it my best one yet, together with the entire executive team. Excited to meet everyone in April!

Lokesh Prasad

Deputy Secretary General

Hello, I am Lokesh, and I am honored to announce my participation in the 17th annual MUNISS conference as a tenth-year student. Having attended over four MUN conferences in the past, I anticipate that this particular event will be the most enjoyable and fulfilling yet.  

Adonis Perdue

Conference Organizer 

Hello All, I am Conference Organizer Adonis Perdue. I will ensure a great conference for everyone. I will also help make sure everyone has and opportunity to learn and have fun.everyone in April!

Kira Chausova

Conference Organizer

Hey, I am Kira. I value the opportunity to engage in diplomatic simulations that mirror real-world global issues. With a keen interest in international affairs, MUN enhances my understanding of diverse perspectives and cultivate my negotiation and public speaking skills. 

Benjamin Daeubler

Conference Organizer 

Hello, I am Benjamin one of the CO´s. In this years MUNISS I want to actively challenge and inspire the delegates by organising  a unique Conference for them. 

Jule Widmann

Conference Organizer

I am Jule and I wish to challenge young people to do their very best and explore the power held within ones voice. By being a part of MUNISS i hope to empower others to recognize the impact that is held within them and what they have to say. I wish to allow others to learn and see all that can be achived by using language. 

Johanna Gropp

Head of Communications

Hi, my name is Johanna and I am the Head of Communications. Last year, I participated in MUNISS as a delegate and I am excited to be part of the executive team this year! 

Lawson Wineman

Deputy of Communications

Hi, my name is Lawson and this is my first year on the executive team, and my first real year involved in MUNISS. I am 16 years old and very excited to make a great experience for everyone.

Luis Attanasio

Head of Hospitality

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Lilly Highfill

Deputy of Hospitality

Hi my name is Lilly and this is my 3rd mun conference. I am looking forward to making MUNISS 24 a great and memorable experience for everyone.

Tallulah Weeks

Deputy of Hospitality

Hi, my name is Tallulah and alongside Luis and Lilly I’ll be overseeing any hopitality aspects of this year’s conference. I’m in 10th grade and am excited to be attending my second MUNISS conference this year as a part of the team. I hope you all are looking forward to it, see you there! 

Hannah Dickens

Head of Press

I’m Hannah Dickens and I am this years head of press for MUNISS. Being my first conference, I look forward to documenting all the fun and memories that come with this exciting event.

Imani Hopkins

Deputy of Press

Hi everyone my name is Imani Hopkins, I am the deputy of the Press team. I am in 10th grade and this will be my second conference. I am excited to meet all of you at the conference!

Haruki Gamano

Head of Admin

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Brian Kelley

Deputy of Admin

My name is Brian Kelley, and I am one of the deputy’s of Administration this year. This will be my 5th MUN conference in Stuttgart and I have experience in Chairing, being a delegate, as well as beginning with the Admin position. I am excited to be a part of MUNISS this year!

Miyu Oya

Deputy of Admin

My name is Miyu Oya and I am the deputy of the administration. I am in grade 11 at the International School of Stuttgart and it will be my first conference. I am delighted to help organizing this conference and hoping for it to be exciting for everyone. 

Sachin Mandi

Head of Finance

Hi, my name is Sachin Mandi, and I am Head of Finance for MUNISS 2024! I am 15 years old, currently in Grade 10 and have been to 3 conferences as a delegate, and chaired in 1 conference. I hope you all enjoy this years conference, and have some memorable experiences!

Ary Agarwal

Deputy of Finance

Hi, My name is Ary Agarwal and I am the Deputy Head of Finance, I am 15 years old and currently in Grade 10, MUNISS 2024 is going to be my 3rd MUN conference and 2nd MUNISS conference, I look forward to making this conference enjoyable for everyone.

Devamithran Karayil

Head of Housing

Hello! My name is Devamithran Karayil (or Dev for short) and I am the Head of Housing for MUNISS 2024. I have been an active participant in MUN events for almost 3 years now, and wanted to take part in actually organizing an MUN event myself. I look forward to ensuring that MUNISS 2024 is the most successful edition of MUNISS yet, and that all students coming into Stuttgart have a wonderful time at the conference. 

Isabella Blanchford

Deputy of Housing

My name is Bella Blanchford and I am the deputy of the housing department. I am 16 years old and in grade 11 at the International School of Stuttgart. This will be my 5th conference and I look forward to helping make this a successful and enjoyable conference for everyone!

Hari Balasubramanian

Deputy of Housing

Hi, my name is Harikartik Balasubramanian (Or Hari) and I am the Deputy of the Housing Department. I am currently in Grade 10 and I have experience of two Model United Nations conferences, I am eager to contribute to the success of MUNISS 2024 and I am committed to ensure the best possible experience for all participants. I look forward to meeting everyone and I’m ready to assist anyone in need of housing support.